The Noblemen


Hotel the Noblemen


Content Creation


January 2023

A hotel with a rich history.
Rooms with a story.

Hotel the Noblemen is a Boutique hotel in the city centre of Amsterdam. Every room is a tribute to a famous noblemen. The briefing was to capture their unique stories in thirteen different videos.

while the hotel guests also get a sneak peek of all the craftsmanship that has been put into the design of their room.

13 different rooms.
13 unique stories.

With the 13 different videos of the noblemen, we bring their remarkable stories to life. When the hotel guests enters the room, the video starts to play. In this way they will get a great impression of the Dutch Noblemen and their unique stories. We sat down with the noblemen’s team and decided how we want to inspire guests and to show how in a turbulent time in history that made Amsterdam the city it is today. 

Get ready for the ultimate hotel experience! Our creative team produced an unforgettable video series for Hotel The Noblemen, featuring the design and development of each one of their thirteen rooms. From concept to delivery, this project took over a year to complete, and included six days of on-site filming with our production team.

The final result is a truly unique and captivating showcase of the hotel’s rich history, complete with stunning cinematography, custom music, and a compelling voice-over. Trust us, you won’t want to miss the chance to book a night at this amazing boutique hotel and experience it all for yourself!”

The perfect trip to history